Why be in the NOW

NOW is a Portal – Being in the NOW is a skillful dance and important to learn. Imagine the skill needed to walk a tightrope; each step is in the now. If the walker allows themselves to think about the steps beyond the current one, they lose their focus and they lose their balance. It is by staying in the NOW, all energy focused on the current step, the task in the moment, that they complete the walk successfully. It is in the present moment that you receive inspiration and guidance. The artist who paints so focused on their work that they lose track of time is creating in each new NOW. They are in a flow of creating. It is the same with the dance of life, the dance of activities, you are always creating. You are either creating from the past or you are creating from the NOW. If you are creating from the past, all your creation will be flavored with your past memories, past feeling, past regrets, past beliefs. When you create in the NOW, it is like a new canvas. With conscious awareness you can stay in your NOW and from the NOW plan or schedule appointment or events. Once you have arranged for that future event release the energy and return your focus to the new NOW and its tasks. Much stress comes from projecting your consciousness into the future, energizing it with worry, concerns, and fears; Holding onto it and dragging it into every NOW. In this hologame it is important to plan, however once the plan is in place let it go Ask yourself often, Am I in the NOW or in the past or the future? Observe and watch where you place your attention. If you stay in the past, you create from the past. If you project your awareness into the future you are also creating from the past. The NOW is your point of power where you create anew. In the present moment you can make clear intentions, and hold a clear vision of a future event. You are setting the framework and planning for a future outcome. This is good work. Once that is complete, release it, allow and trust your creative intent to bring you the results of your clear vision. By staying in the present moment, you will become aware that each NOW is a timeless portal. You will gently begin to notice time will shift for you. It will stretch, it will wrinkle, it will fold and it will disappear.

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