Claire de Lune’s products are carefully selected and reflect not only an intimate familiarity with the principles of Aromatherapy, but a keen respect for the environment and the cornucopia residing in Mother Nature, which is available to the experienced practitioner.

As you use Claire de Lune ‘s wonderful preparations, you enjoy the complete effect; they are fantastic for regenerating and beautifying the skin, and they will soothe and uplift your spirit making you feel good on every level!

Among the very active botanicals that I use, essential oils are my favorite. They are the most active and concentrated ingredients of plants and flowers. These ingredients are like the soul of the plant. They each have a very special effect on the skin, regenerating, soothing or healing. New technology is always looking to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. Essential oils of flowers and plants do this naturally! They are very potent and effective. They enter the deep layers of the skin, going into the blood stream. Acting at the cellular level, they boost the cells to reproduce and multiply healtily, regenerating the skin faster and better. They have been used for centuries in Europe and were very prized in Ancient Egypt.

I combine the extraordinary benefit of essential oils and other botanicals with the science of aromatherapy. This science has to do with the powerful effects that scents have on us. They have a direct action on the limbic system of the brain, affecting the emotions and memories. Different scents have different effects on us; flowers and plants can be stimulating, relaxing, soothing or uplifting.

Each Claire de Lune product has a gentle fresh and pleasant scent that will delight all your senses.

Take the time to look around for anything you may need. There is a good healthy choice of products (all bio-organic) for the care and beauty of the skin, along with some natural cologne, and some essential oils of flowers and plants. Be assured that whatever you may find, it is absolutely healthy and beneficial for your skin and your entire being!

There is new products that are added at different times and depending on demand. Claire de Lune has a monthly Newsletter (specials, new products or good tips on health and beauty); you can subscribe on the Home page. As a naturopath and specialist in aromatherapy and skin care, I love to share all my experience and learnings so you can benefit from it. You can go in the ”blog” section and see some articles that may interest you.

It is always my great pleasure to help you.

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