The rose essential oil is produced mainly in Turkey, in Iran, et au Maroc. The oil extracted from the damask rose of Bulgaria, however, the most sought after because of its odor intensity. This type of rose is the most widely used in cosmetics and perfumery.

As it is a luxury product, Rose essential oil is very expensive. It is easily understood why when we know that the rose petals are hand picked, they are distilled in 24 hours after harvest and should be between 3000 and 4000 kg of fresh petals to produce 1 The essential oil of rose

The rose essential oil has extraordinary benefits. It is a powerful anti-wrinkle, and an effective astringent, soothing and regenerating. En application topique, the rose essential oil has antiseptic properties and Antihemorrhagic. It also reduces redness

It will be the ally of all skin to prevent or treat the signs of aging. It is also a fabulous oil energy, tonic, harmonizing and aphrodisiac.

Therapeutically (family aromatherapy), essential oil of rose is a general excellent tonic, a powerful and respectful skin disinfectant for all injuries of the face or hands.

In Energy Aromatherapy (aromatherapy vibratory), essential oil of rose is irreplaceable to rebalance the body and mind, inhibitions taboos, hunt anxiety and grief. It is used primarily to treat depression, lack of vital energy, General asthenia, impotence and frigidity. It gently stimulates the entire body and replenishes vital and psychological forces. It soothes the mind but at the same time stimulates, So it is valuable to get real depressions.

Some possible essential oils synergies with pink : Ylang Ylang, néroli, sandalwood and geranium

And this is of course the universal and essential note perfume, which is associated with many aromatic molecules. Single raw material in perfumery, it comes as heart note in many perfumes.