Moonlight Sonata Gel calmant pour les yeux

Moonlight Sonata – Humectant and anti-inflammatory Eye Gel


Moonlight Sonata eye gel helps to reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles. An effective treatment for dry, dehydrated or itchy eyes. Reduces fine lines and brings moisture and vitality. Great for the lips also!
.5oz – 15ml

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Moonlight Sonata contient des ingrédients et principes actifs naturels incluant des extraits de plantes pour un maximum d’avantages, and vegetable glycerin (helps the skin to absorb moisture from the air) and vitamins (antioxidant that helps slow the signs of aging). Light and penetrating, this non-greasy gel is suitable for sensitive eyes. L’extrait de camomille bleue est apaisant et anti-inflammatoire et parfaitement équilibrée avec l’aloe vera (rich in vitamins and minerals, anti-inflammatory, cicatrisant, antibiotic). Can be applied at any time of the day, to soothe and refresh strained eyes, dry or tired.

How can I use?

Morning and evening, or at any time when you feel the need. Appliquer une petite quantité de gel Moonlight Sonata en faisant de légers tapotements (strumming slightly) with the fingertips in a circular motion, around the eyes (great around the lips to moisten and soften).