Velouté de Rose – Solid Perfume


Velouté de Rose ™ – Solid Perfume Cream – Bio / Organic
Voluptuous and exquisite, all-natural with organic beeswax and pure extracts of rose petals, the “Queen of Flowers” opens your heart and inspires romance and love. Pure vanilla bean extracts promote relaxation.

Velouté de Rose™ is a wonderful parfume. Its exquisite essence brings joy and pleasure to your entire being!


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Solid perfumes:

Also called concrete perfume, they have the same role as a "classic" perfume “their role”, is to leave a fragrant and delicate scent on the skin but in a different way. In fact, these concrete do not contain alcohol, they are actually composed of oils or waxes and visually resemble a very rich balm.

Diffuse the scent take very long and is more “fixed” on the skin thanks to its composition. You put a bit of solid perfume on the wrists, behind the ears, on the décolleté … There is absolutely no need to put a lot to enjoy its essence.

Real gems!

VELVET ROSE: The rose, scent of Venus, is classified as “an herb of love”. Bringing beauty to your world, encouraging self-acceptance.

Sweet Rose has the ability to heal emotional wounds; comforting, it reduces fear and encourages patience and love.

With Rose, love and beauty are always with you.