Très Enchanté by Claire – Eau de Parfum


O’ de Parfum

As Enchanted as a Soft Evening Breeze, or the Magic of a Sunset and the Love that is You.

30ml / 1oz

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Claire de Lune's O' de Nature organic perfume is fully formulated with pure extracts of flowers and plants.

A touch of lavender to a fresh floral scent, the tender solace of a sweet aroma like honey vanilla beans, the depth of oak moss, complemented by a sparkling touch of fresh citrus to add a bit of joy and cheerfulness. To this is added the wonderful rose and other flowers just as captivating and you get a sweet combination, light and exquisite that enchants the senses. Apply hot spots, as the inside of the wrists, behind the ears or inside the knee.

Use it any time, or when you feel the need to be with nature, to soothe and calm your mind, feel wonderfully good and bring back the kid in you! Regardless of when, the experience is enchanting ...