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Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Harmonizes and brings positive moods. Wonderful to use when you take yourself too seriously and you forget to laugh. Softens the skin.
The orange oil promotes cell rejuvenation. Add few drops in your shampoo for oily hair or dandruff.

– 15ml

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On the aromatherapy level:

This oil is wonderful to use when you take yourself too seriously or when you forget to laugh because you’re tense, nervous or remote. It recalls the warmth, happiness, and the cool feeling of a light heart; it awakens the child in you! Mixed with lemon and diffused into the atmosphere, it produces a natural Yin / Yang balance. Reduces fear, helps with concentration and creativity, and allows one to see things with an open heart. Warm and sensual, it allows you to take a more calm and relaxed approach, bringing joy and youth!

On the physical level:

Extracted from the orange peel, this essential oil is used in a lot of facial or body preparation. Being gentle it is still very effective. It contains Citric acid, a fruit acid – AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), which has astringent, exfoliating and regenerating properties.

It tightens enlarged pores and also helps eliminate dead cells. It stimulates the formation of new cells to make new skin. The skin regains transparency and brilliance.

On a therapeutic (well-being) level:

Having relaxing and calming properties, sweet orange helps relieve nervous disorders such as stress or tension. Sweet orange is one of the very good essential oils used for the digestive system. It helps prevent gastric distension and abdominal pain, loss of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, nausea and vomiting (massage a little oil on the abdomen after a meal or when needed). Helps to relax children – 1 drop in a table spoon of sweet almond oil or other carrier oil. Gently massage on the chest of the child (2 years old and over).

Safety Data: NOT TO BE USED ON A CHILD UNDER 2 YEARS OLD. Essential oils are very potent. Always use diluted in natural carrier oil such as olive, sweet almond, jojoba, grape seed, sunflower, etc. or make a skin test before using straight on the skin. Some people can be sensitive to different essential oils. If redness occurs, discontinue usage. Keep out of reach of children.