Beauty Serum Harmonie


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A rich balm made of fine oils for the face when skin needs more protection and nutrition. Enrichedd with pure extracts of regenerative flowers.

*Beauty Benefits : Helps retain moisture in the skin. Protects and nourishes skin. Hydrate en profondeur, anti-inflammatory.

*Active Ingredients : Made with organic oils of rosehip (anti-wrinkle, regenerates and helps sicatrize – softens and tones the skin) hazelnut (restructuring, softening and rehydrating – has anti-inflammatory and anti-UV effects) and argan oil (ultra rich – high amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E, also contains amino acids, lecithin, and other essential fatty acids) and pure extracts of rose Otto (anti-wrinkle), rosewood (natural skin regenarator, softening) and rosemary (beautify the skin).

*Application : A few drops; massage gently using a circular motion over the face and neck region or where needed. Can be used morning and evening or as needed, alone or with care cream.


15ml – .5oz

Size .5 oz - 15ml, 1 oz - 30ml, 2 oz - 60ml