Natural Kit Green Clay Mask


Claire de Lune’s Superior Green Clay composition is rich in minerals and many other useful elements. Using it just three times a week for one month gives your face a silky smooth feel, deep cleansing your pores using no chemicals.

– 150gr (5oz)

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Green clay is ideal for accelerating the healing of cuts, wounds, ulcers and burns. As a facial mask, green clay is the most soothing and cleansing of all clays. It has anti-inflammatory and highly absorbent properties - to eliminate toxins and harmful substances. Increases blood circulation to the areas applied; the fabric of the lower layer of the skin is then activated and toxins are removed by the lymphatic system. Accelerates the regeneration of the skin and improves your complexion. Your skin will feel more fresh and sweet!

Your French green clay can be used in two ways:
1- as ultra facial mask that will help get rid of toxins and brighten the complexion;
2- as antiseptic powder (dry use) to absorb excess oil, provide a smooth appearance, keep the skin clean and offset redness!

Your kit includes:
– 150 g green clay (glass container)
– measuring spoon
– mini container for the purse
– small bowl to make your mix
– 5 ml of pure and soothing lavender extract

Just add water to this fine green powder and your green clay mask will refresh you instantly, balancing the pH of your skin and giving you a bright, healthy complexion.

Using as a mask: Just mix a teaspoon of clay with a tablespoon (or more) purified water. You can add one or two drops of your lavender extract (soothes, calms, purifying) if desired. Mix into a smooth paste (not too thick) apply on face and neck. Lie down (if possible) for 15 minutes to relax. Rinse well and see how your skin feels wonderful and refreshed!

Use as face powder and / or antiseptic:
– Apply lightly all over the face with a clean brush or a cotton ball

OR – Take a pinch on the fingertip and apply:

– Mild redness (green offsets the red)
– Cuts (seals the wound and speeds healing)
– Pimples or rash
– Shiny skin; nose, forehead, chin or any other place that tends to be oily
– Corner of the nose, or all areas with open pores or small varicose veins (creates a smooth surface and masks redness)