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Lemon Essential Oil


General antiseptic, bactericide, keeps skin young. Effective blood cleanser and carminative. One of the best essential oils to decongest, cleanse and detoxify.

– 15ml

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Physical and therapeutic level (welfare):

General antiseptic, bactericidal, keeps the skin young. From the lemon, it contains citric acid, a fruit acid – AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid), which has astringent, exfoliating and regenerative. Can be used in creams and milks facial or body or shampoo (see ”Precautions and Use of Essential Oils”). One of the best essential oils to decongest, cleanse and detoxify. This oil can help relieve nausea, headaches, irritability and insomnia. Due to its anti-infectious property, this is an excellent aerial antiseptic (can be sprayed in hospital wards, day-care centers, homes, etc.) As an anti-viral, it is very good for fighting colds and flus. Refreshing, cleansing, anti-bacterial, general detox. herpes, acne. Carminative ( any substance increasing the outflow of intestinal gas and stomach) and effective blood purifier.

At the aromatherapy level:

With its bright, sour scent, lemon oil sharpens focus on awareness, clarifies and stimulates the intellect. Very effective when we need more concentration to study or complete a project (put a few drops in apple hand, rub and inspire- or put in an essential oil diffuser for at least 15 minutes and repeat as necessary). It calms, lightens and refreshes , dispersing confusion and easing worry. Lemon oil can encourage greater trust and security. Natural antidepressant.

Safety Data: DO NOT USE ON A CHILD UNDER 2 Year old. Essential oils are very powerful. Always use diluted in natural oil such as olive oil, Almond, of jojoba, grapeseed, sunflower or other; or do a skin test before using directly on ??Skin. Some people may be sensitive to different essential oils. If redness occurs, discontinue usage. Keep out of reach of children.