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Healing The Feminine


Super Restorative Rose Cream – Night and Day Treatment Cream
This unique and extremely beautifying treatment cream, will soften, regenerate and hydrate your skin, even the most sensitive type, leaving it feeling supple, soft and silky. Powerful anti-wrinkle, which regenerates the skin in depth. Roses are the most regenerating of all the flowers. Called the ‘Queen of Flowers”, the rose has been used for centuries to embellish and soften the skin.

60ml (2oz)

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Ultra Restorative Rose Cream – Day and Night Treatment Cream

Inspired by nature, this exquisite restorative rose cream , is formulated with a unique combination of pure rose, the queen of flowers, and other exquisite botanical rejuvenating and beautifying extracts, with vitamins E, A and C (antioxidants) and fine oils to protect and deeply beautify your skin.

Rich in essential fatty acids, Healing the Feminine helps to maintain moisture, softness and flexibility for a healthy looking skin. Restorative and invigorating, it improves the elasticity of your skin. This exquisite, silky cream will rejuvenate dull, tired skin and revive that healthy glow softening and moisturizing, while regenerating underlying deep tissues . With highly beneficial plants such as rose (the most refreshing of the flowers), rosewood (toning, brightening), primrose oil, (anti-wrinkle, softening, humidifying), and vitamins A, C and E, Day after day your skin will appear more clear and bright. Healing the Feminine is a cream rich in sublime sensations that preserves the vitality of the face and restructures the skin. Can be used day and night