Happiness – Care Cream


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Composed entirely of bio-organic natural products, Happiness care cream reduces wrinkles and preserves the elasticity and vitality of the skin. Vegetable oils such as grape seed oil , almond and apricot kernel, and natural butters (Shea, coconut) protect skin, thus, its hydro-lipid balance is maintained.

Aloe and vegetable glycerin moisturize and slow water loss. Happiness repairs, nourishes and restores volume and firmness to your skin.

This rich restructuring and regenerating complex with extracts of rosewood (softens the skin and regenerates) and rosemary (powerful anti-wrinkle), softens the skin and gives you an healthy glow.

Used daily, it gives the skin its consistency, helping and maintaining its elasticity. Happiness creates a well-being on all levels. As much for its effectiveness in restoring your skin's radiance than the well-being you feel while inhaling its natural, delicate fragrance, Enjoy!.

Pot 60 ml / 2oz.