Clear Fontain, Cream Clay Mask


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Green clay helps to balance the PH of the skin; mixed with some purifying cream and cleansing, calming essential oils, it makes a perfect and highly effective mask to beautify the complexion and purify the skin.

*Active Ingredients : Made of multiple minerals, of fine oils and pure extracts, it is very beneficial for your complexion. It cleanses and revitalises your skin.

Lavender: Calms redness, cleansed skin smooth

Rosemary: Tones, regenerates and rejuvenates the tissues

Lemon: Balance the PH of the skin, clarifies the complexion

Peppermint: Rafraichie, anti-inflammatory

*Application : Use 1 once to 2 twice weekly, or as needed. Gives your skin a soft and clean feeling, deep cleanse pores, and regenerates the skin. Apply all over the face (cleansed beforehand) and neck. Keep at least 10-15 minutes. Lie back and relax. Rinse with fresh water.