Morning Breeze


Balancing & Uplifting Toner
This extremely refreshing and uplifting toner helps narrow down and close the pores; soothes, refreshes and gently purifies the skin.

120ml (4oz)

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Balancing and Invigorating Tonic
This gentle, alcohol-free formula, restores pH balance after cleansing. Antioxidant ingredients protect the skin against environmental pollutants, conditioning and rebalancing the skin, leaving a feeling of mild freshness. This herbal formulation, includes pure Witch Hazel, a natural antiseptic that invigorates capillaries (small blood vessels in the skin) helps to reduce redness; intensified pure extracts of lavender and sweet orange to help soothe and cleanse skin, and with a touch of pure rosewood extract to completely regenerate and improve skin quality. Rose water and vegetable glycerin helps retain moisture and soften.

This tonic completes the gentle cleaning process. Removes traces of makeup, while moisturizing and toning the skin.

Instructions: Use daily after cleansing, gently wipe face and neck with a cotton or simply put a small amount on the palm of your hand and gently tap around ! If desired, continue with a moisturizer.