Claire de Lune™ Natural Skin Care Testimonials
Here are some comments that customers have sent us about Claire-de-Lune™ natural skin care products.
Herbal Skin Care Products
“I have extremely sensitive skin and was never able to find anything that I could use without causing it to breakout. After my pregnancy I was really suffering and searching for a remedy. I tried Claire-de-Lune’s Healing The Feminine and it was amazing. It completely calmed my outbreak. My skin is now as soft and healthy as my baby’s.”
Mary Dellar – Montreal, Canada
“I was constantly suffering from skin rashes. I started using Claire-de-Lune’s Lavender Dream, and I’ve been rash-free all this year! Thank you I love it”.
Veronica West – Columbus, Ohio
“I love your Claire-de-Lune eye gel. I put it on in the morning before I have breakfast and by the time I’m ready to make up my eyes are nicely rested and feeling fresh. I’m completely hooked!”
Katia Lilley – Nice, France
“Your Divine Feminine personalized facial cream carries divinely its name! I really like the fresh feeling it brings me when I apply it on my face, and I thank you.”
Carmen Sinotte D’Anjou – Montréal, QC