Claire de Lune™ – Philosophy About Natural Skin Care Products

My commitment is to provide you with the best and most natural products based on sciences of Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy. My unique blends give the skin that healthy glow, making it feel youthful and radiant, helping it to maintain its own natural beauty.Skin Care Products For WomenIt is very important to use good, natural and healthy products on your skin. Claire de Lune™ products are all made with organic, wholesome botanicals and pure extracts of flowers and plants (essential oils). There is a flower or a plant for every need we have. I make sure that everything that I use is natural and beneficial for your skin.The powerful properties of essential oils have been known and used for centuries; they work at the cellular level, regenerating the skin and promoting new cell growth. With my unique formulas, I guarantee you will see and feel a dynamic difference.

Our skin reflects who we are, inside and out. The first impression that you create is very important. Healthy skin is beautiful skin and you deserve the very best!

Natural Face LotionThe time you give to the care of your skin is directly linked to how healthy and vibrant your skin will be. During the night, while your body is resting, your skin replenishes itself. Take the time in the evening to cleanse your skin and to apply a regenerating moisturizer.
Organic Face Cream In the morning, moisturize for a full day protection; apply all over face, neck and neckline. To pamper yourself, apply an uplifting or soothing body lotion. Your skin becomes soft and rejuvenated. The great, yet delicate, scent of each Claire de Lune™ product will uplift your spirit, bringing joy and positivity to your entire being!