Jasmine essential oil is valuable in aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, in the perfume and cosmetics industry. Precious is the word, because it takes 2500 flowers to produce 2,5 ml of essential oil. Therefore, always like rose, its price is higher.

Avoid using undiluted essential oil of jasmine, as it may cause irritation, but mixed with other vegetable oils, such as argan oil or jojoba, your day cream or lotion , it works miracles!

It has an antioxidant effect which prevents premature skin aging, it is an excellent anti-wrinkle. In ten days, you can begin to see the difference! Your skin is smoother, soft and supple. Furthermore, being antibacterial, it limits minor skin problems like pimples or light acne.

You can also put a few drops in your regular shampoo, your hair will be more beautiful, strengthened, cleansed and have a delicious jasmine scent.

Jasmine oil also helps nourish and strengthen nails.

Cicatrisant: regularly apply on scars ; essential oil of jasmine helps soften scars. It is all the more effective when it is mixed with argan oil or other beneficial vegetal oils.

In Energy Aromatherapy, in the bath or massage, it calms anxiety, stress, nervous fatigue from overwork, and anxiety attacks. It helps facilitate sleep. It also stimulates mental abilities.

Jasmine flowers are often associated with love and romance, because its scent is more present in the evening. It as been used used for its aphrodisiac properties (from the word Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love) for centuries in the Middle East. Positively influencing the moral, Jasmine essential oil may promote libido.