domestic deodorants are harmful to your health

Les désodorisants ne font que masquer ces vilaines odeurs de cigarette, pollution or food. Rather than destroy odors, they add new substances in addition to those already present in the air of your home, to crush, Hide, make imperceptible ... but evacuate or destroy. How do they do ?
Deodorants hinder your ability to smell by coating your ducts smell of fine oily film and releasing agent that anesthesia nerve terminals.


A study 2007, de la Natural Resources Defense Council a montré que 12 of 14 deodorant brands analyzed contained phthalates. If the deodorant contains no Phthalates, it is not sure so far : the vast majority of air fresheners emit significant amounts of terpene, a volatile organic substance that naturally reacts with ozone to produce natural formaldehyde, a product that foster cancer. No top !

Another study 2007 publiée par l’American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine montre que l’usage régulier des sprays de type Airwick augmente le risque de devenir asthmatique de 30 once to 50 %. (1) What to choose, for its part, notes that "emissions of these deodorants alone suffice to explain the dramatic increase in asthma in children, from 40 % over the past fifteen years " . Les femmes qui utilisent souvent ces produits auraient même un risque accru de cancer du sein (1). Bigre !


allergies-desodorisantIn 2008, consoGlobe already published an article warning air fresheners !… What Chosir The magazine had conducted tests on 39 different within deodorants, sold to the general public. The result was simple to summarize : "Eliminate air fresheners" ; air fresheners manufacturers can not guarantee that they are not harmful and they degrade the quality of your air.

The marks are numerous off Airwick : Ambi Pur, History scents, Breeze, L'Occitane, Incense World, Terre d'oc, Oust, Febreze, Phytaromasol, Florame.

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