Cedarwood is a powerful evergreen tree that has widely projecting branches; cones are upright, shaped. Needles are in rosette and form on branches, single on new growth.

Cedarwood is cleansing, antiseptic, tonic, antifungal, and reduces anxiety. It is effective in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. It is regenerative and reduces sinus congestion.Cedarwood dries oily or blemished skin, and as a natural astringent, is used in acne treatments. It relieves eczema, psoriasis, skin inflammation, dandruff and bug bites.

Cedarwood assists the circulatory system and stimulates the lymphatics.

It combats hair lose, regulates dry or oily hair, and softens skin. It is a lymphatic tonic, aids in the removal of body fat. Cedarwood is indicated for retention of fluid in the tissue and cellulite. It is effective in the treatment of stress, tension and nervous disorders.

Mixes well with rose, jasmine, juniper, bergamot.

Avoid during pregnancy.

Scent: Soft, sweet, warm, woody, fruity, middle note. Source: Wood